ProperCorn - Guide to Proper TV

Case study - Objective: Prompt action


ProperCorn built its business on single serve, ‘on the go’ packets, but future growth lay firmly in the sharing and multi-pack space. It achieved this by tapping into the optimal ‘sharing bags’ moment: when people are watching TV together.

Due to budget limitations and the length of the campaign, ProperCorn had to infiltrate TV without actually spending on TV ads. By partnering with ESI Media, ProperCorn was able to reach its target audience at a key time – as commuters travelled home to watch TV – via a collaborative content campaign.

Given the recent growth in TV viewing options, thanks to platforms such as Netflix, ProperCorn and ESI Media created a ‘Guide to Proper TV’; a definitive guide on what to watch to allow for chill out time with ProperCorn. This ran as a four-page, monthly section in the Evening Standard, as well as across the Evening Standard and The Independent’s websites. Cover wraps and print display ads supported the activity.

Digitally, ESI’s Real Time tool allowed ProperCorn to roadblock articles which were proving popular with its target audience, ensuring it was always surrounding entertainment content that engaged the right people.

A collaborative approach to the campaign also meant that activity evolved beyond the pages of print and online. For example, the founder of ProperCorn spoke at Evening Standard events and the Evening Standard and ProperCorn were the official brand partners or London Fashion Week.

Key findings

According to ESI Media’s mid-wave research:

  • 68% of readers recall any element of the ProperCorn campaign
  • 79% of those who saw any element of the campaign say that they are now more likely to consider buying ProperCorn
  • 68% of ESI’s audience agree that the TV guide helped them decide what to watch, and 71% state that it differentiates ProperCorn from other snack brands
  • According to Bountiful Cow, ProperCorn are the only premium popcorn brand to experience growth in 2018, which it believes is directly linked to the association with ESI and strength of newsbrands to influence key audiences

The level of collaboration from ESI and Bountiful Cow meant that ProperCorn were able to optimise all elements of the partnership. The content created so far is perfect for ProperCorn and the ability to associate our brand with such moments is key.

Wayne Newton, marketing director, ProperCorn