Nationwide – Voices Nationwide

Case study - Objective: Build trust


Nationwide used newspapers to land its Voices campaign, allowing the brand to target both young and older audiences.

Nationwide wanted to cut above the noise in a competitive market and differentiate from other banks with a quality AV-led campaign. However, the brand recognised that to improve effectiveness and ROI, it needed to enhance the media mix with a channel that embodied trust, heritage and conviction.

With newspapers in the fold, the campaign could reach both a mixed age range. Titles such as The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Observer were used to target ABC1 40+, while ads in Metro and the Evening Standard targeted an ABC1, under 40 audience.

A total of 50 insertions ran across a five week period, featuring long-copy poems based on the brand’s TV ads.

Key findings

  • Awareness lifted from 17% to 29%
  • Consideration rose from 31% to 49%
  • Non-customers who viewed Nationwide as ’trustworthy’ increased from 34% to 56% for ABC1 40+ and showed a marked increase in ABC1’s under 40, from 27% to 43%
  • The newsbrand association shifted perceptions of Nationwide being "for people like me" from 30% to 43%, and amongst non-customers, perceptions of Nationwide as different from other financial providers increased from 19% to 39%

With an ever broadening array of media environments that brands can appear in, this campaign emphasised the trusted, safe environment that newspapers can provide to any brand. It also demonstrated the contribution press can make to a multi-media schedule.

Chris Ladd, senior manager, media, Nationwide Building Society