Mental availability in the digital age

Newsworks & house51


Together with research and strategy company house51, Newsworks has launched a white paper exploring the psychology behind consumer decision-making in an online world.

The research shows how crucial it is for consumers to encounter brands in the right context and how journalism can provide marketers with people’s undivided attention. Beyond brand awareness, mental availability is how a brand registers on a customer’s mental radar. 

News brands’ trusted, information-rich environments means that journalism can play a fundamental role in creating mental availability in a crowded media environment – in an era of digital commerce. 

Key findings

  • Mental availability matters more to marketers now than ever before
  • Perceptions of risk significantly diminish people’s feelings of trust, confidence and control when making online shopping decisions
  • There is no substitute for the human experiences offered by brick and mortar retail
  • Choice overload online negatively affects shoppers
  • Consumers don’t always believe that the trade off in online shopping is worth the risk 

White paper 


Project presentation