McDonald's – Monopoly

Case study - Objective: Change minds


McDonald’s Monopoly promotion has grown to become one of the highlights of McDonald’s marketing calendar. It is the brand’s highest performing sales driver and is played by millions of customers each year.

The challenge in 2017 was to surpass previous success and get more people engaged and playing than ever before. 

Research showed that the biggest barrier was convincing customers they could actually win. Print played a crucial and unique role for this campaign, allowing McDonald’s to inject enthusiasm using integrated display formats in The Sun and Metro to resemble a Monopoly board. Supporting this activity, display ads ran across newsbrand sites and McDonald’s road-blocked positive news stories on The Sun and The Mirror websites.

Working closely with publishers, McDonald’s had the opportunity to align with engaging and positive news content, which in turn built positivity around the campaign, ensuring customers believed they could win. As a result, it proved to be one of McDonald’s most successful campaigns to date.

This campaign had a clever twist – embedding the ads around positive editorial creatively and precisely with clever targeting.

Louise Newton, group head of marketing, Hotelplan UK