John Lewis - Off to University

Case study - Objective: Prompt action


As a business built on supporting customers through times of life change, John Lewis wanted to make heading off to university easier for both students and parents, by helping them find the best products and making it as straightforward as possible for them to be purchased.

In order to demonstrate product expertise and target these two groups simultaneously and effectively, John Lewis teamed up with The Telegraph to create a multi-platform content series – the definitive guide to getting ahead at uni. A suite of bespoke articles covered topics from ‘easy recipes for students’ and ‘how to make the halls a home,’ to ‘the best laptops and printers for uni.’ Providing genuinely helpful tips and guidance was key for John Lewis to live up to its brand promise.

To reach both students and parents alike, the activity spanned various different forms, including: a bespoke online hub on The Telegraph’s website, a full-page feature in the Saturday section of the newspaper that offered parents advice on what to buy their kids, and social seeding across The Telegraph’s social media channels.

Key findings

  • Online content had 18,000 visitors and an average dwell time of almost two minutes
  • There were over 2,900 social shares of the online articles
  • Solid business results with a 11:1 RROI for the digital activity

Through the partnership we not only provided helpful tips and advice to our customers... but we also drove great revenue over what is an increasingly competitive trading period.

Catriona Barr, senior marketing manager, John Lewis & Partners