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Case study - Objective: Change minds
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Downloadable ad - Google Pixel
Downloadable ad - Google Pixel



Google Pixel teamed up with OMD, Essence and The Guardian to disrupt the way phones are marketed and make the Pixel 2 a fashion icon in its own right.

The campaign saw 10 urban, socially aware people – fitting the target ‘social adopter’ audience – use the Pixel 2 for a day; documenting where they went, who they saw and the things they were inspired to buy. Each person spent a day with the phone, before passing it on to the next person, resulting in The Chain.

This content was then used to produce a 32-page print magazine which was distributed with the Saturday Guardian and at a selection of fashion outlets. Produced in a month, the magazine was also the first to be made solely with a phone.

In addition to the print activity,’s fashion section hosted 48 bespoke digital content pieces about the wider world of fashion, all created using just the Pixel 2.

The Guardian was the perfect partner for the campaign due to its young, unique audience which is curious about the world and embraces change and new technology. With fashion a key passion point for this audience, the content produced included posts from model Adwoa Aboah, art director Lotte Andersen and menswear designer Charlie Casely-Hayford.

Google Pixel 2 is all about being open and curious. This content epitomises the brand’s approach and is a fresh way of bringing it to life. We’ve loved working with the Guardian on this.

Graham Bednash, UK consumer marketing director, Google