Cancer Research UK - The UK success timeline

Case study - Objective: Education & understanding

Donations to Cancer Research UK fund studies and campaigns that have saved millions of lives. Telegraph Spark – the commercial division of The Telegraph – teamed up with the charity to take a look back over the past 75 years to see how far treatment and diagnosis of cancer has come, and look forward to a future where three in four people survive the disease.

Central to the campaign is an impressive stop frame animation which charts some of the most significant breakthroughs Cancer Research UK has seen since 1902. The team created an impressive animation made almost entirely of paper cut out by hand. Watch the incredible video that takes you through the history of the most significant breakthroughs Cancer Research UK has seen over the past century.

Produced by Spark’s in-house video team alongside animation director and model maker Catherine Prowse, the animation is made almost entirely of paper and was shot over a period of seven days. Hundreds of paper characters as well as paper sets and background scenes were created pre-shoot and painstakingly cut out by hand and photographed. Sound effects bring the animation to life and original music was composed to fit with the animation.

Spark’s photography and video director Nic Duffy said: “The animation is such an amazing feat being produced in a very short time frame for such an ambitious project. We really wanted to capture the audience in an informative way rather than being too emotional. The animation achieves that perfectly but still gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling as you learn the ambition Cancer Research UK has for the future.”

In support of the campaign, Telegraph Spark will donate £10,000 to Cancer Research UK when they hit 10,000 shares of the video.

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