Beyond reach and frequency

Future Thinking

Beyond reach and frequency

At the midway stage of analysis, Future Thinking have analysed eight advertising campaigns from brands across a variety of sectors, to uncover the ways that newsbrands strengthen ad campaigns and influence behaviour change. Interim results show the unique role that both print and digital newsbrands play as part of multimedia campaigns.

The research looks at the difference in response for those who recognised the newsbrand element of a campaign versus those who didn’t (but did recognise other elements).

The findings reveal that newsbrands have the biggest potential to drive purchase and loyalty, having the most influence at the ‘preparation’ and ‘maintenance’ phases of the consumer journey. They deliver this through increasing purchase intent, advocacy and a range of other brand metrics.

Newsbrands, in combination with TV, continue to work very well when used as part of the campaign mix. TV continues to be a key channel for driving awareness and when newsbrands are used in combination, they do the persuasive work in driving sales and building long-term brand relationships.

These results give further weight to the findings of our recent ‘Context matters’ research, conducted in partnership with the AOP by Neuro-Insight. Analysis shows that newsbrands drive long-term memory encoding. Multiple studies show that this in turn correlates strongly with uplifts in sales.

Beyond reach and frequency infographic

If newsbrands ads are recognised, people are:

  • 2x as likely to recommend the brand
  • 1.9x more likely to consider purchasing the brand
  • 2.3x more likely to talk about brands with others
  • +58% more likely to like the brand

These scores are compared to people who recognise the campaign but not the newsbrand element.

Watch Future Thinking’s Adele Gritten and Shaun Austin at Newsworks’ 2018 Effectiveness Summit: