Uber - Thank you from a #GratefulUK

Case study - Objective: Prompt action


2020 will be the year landmarked by the coronavirus pandemic. To thank hard working NHS healthcare heroes, Uber wanted to show them love and appreciation by offering exclusive staff deals. To promote the offer, Manning Gottlieb OMD partnered with Metro as part of its media-first approach to get the word out. To cut through the Christmas clutter, the #GratefulUK campaign was born.

The campaign not only spread the word about the NHS deals but also leveraged the voices of the nation. An interactive cover-wrap was published, and Metro readers were invited to create a work of art to say thank you. A few weeks later, the artworks came to life and were published in a cover-wrap that showcased drawings, doodles and letters of appreciation. They were also shared with key workers in-app once they redeemed the promotional offer, as well as sent to hospital staff lounges.

The highly topical campaign captured the mood of the nation and garnered positive industry and public attention. As a result, there was a 27% annual increase in new registered NHS users to the ride-hailing app and a successful 44% increase in offer redemptions over the campaign period. Overall, the cover-wrap achieved a 123% increase in awareness of Uber’s allyship with the NHS.

In a Covid-dominated category, this campaign used a newspaper to do something that only newspapers can do as part of its solution, which was incredibly thoughtful and beautifully crafted.

Vicky Fox, chief planning officer OMD