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Sponsored stories on returning to work safely and UK assistance go live across the nation

The branded content will run in regionals and nationals over the next few days.

The returning to work branded content provides readers with ideas on how to put extra safety measures in place, illustrated by case studies of how businesses have reopened. 

For example, 300 staff at an Aston Martin plant managed to go back to work on 5 May when the company followed government guidelines and enforced its own initiatives to make its workplace safer (via Liverpool Echo). Another example is Grind, the coffee chain started to reopen one of its cafes thanks to new health and safety measures, offering customers a takeaway option (via The Guardian).

Other sponsored stories going live are about how the armed forces have helped with the fight against coronavirus on the home front, how embassies are helping brits abroad and how the support from the government’s department for international development are providing countries struggling to deal with the coronavirus.

Examples of UK assistance include a piece of branded content about how the government's Aviation Task Force has provided helicopters to support the NHS with getting patients to hospitals (via The Times) and another about the 20,000 armed forces personnel who have stood on standby to help assist civil authorities (via The Herald, Scotland).

This is latest wave of branded content that has gone live as part of an advertising partnership launched last month between the government and newspaper industry, aimed at keeping the public safe and nation united throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign idea was developed as a way of delivering government communications in an intimate, human and compassionate tone that readers can relate to.

Stay to up to date with the latest news from the “All in, all together” campaign here.

by Hannah Ohm Thomas 29/05/20

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