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Daily Mirror celebrates hope with '1000 acts of kindness' campaign

The news brand makes “a commitment to also report more hopeful news”.

The Daily Mirror has launched '1000 acts of kindness' on today’s front page, making a commitment to readers to demonstrate the “extraordinary…acts of kindness” that Brits all over the country have carried over the past two difficult years.

The commitment is part of the Daily Mirror’s 'More hopeful' campaign that the news brand launched this week. 

While they promise to “keep you informed and hold those in power to account”, they also want to share with readers “some of the millions of small, good deeds which have made such a difference in difficult times”. 

“By sharing solutions to problems, we can do more good and feel better about the world around us,” their manifesto adds.

Sharing their aims for the Daily Mirror’s 'More hopeful' campaign, editor-in-chief Alison Phillips said: "Our aim is not to hide the challenges and injustices in the world but to also report on the people working to make things better, whether by grassroots activism or simple selfless acts.  

"There is a temptation to fall for the idea that the country has never been more divided, that communities are falling apart and people have become more selfish. We believe that this idea is not only wrong but can foster a dangerous apathy. 

"Today instead we're telling the other side of the story with '1000 Acts of Kindness', celebrating the people around the UK who have made the country a better place this year, from fundraising schoolchildren to vaccination volunteers to neighbours who have gone the extra mile. For us, this is not just one campaign but the start of a more constructive kind of journalism."


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