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The Publishers Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo), is the governing body which oversees audience measurement for the published media industry.

NRS Ltd handed responsibility for governance to PAMCo in January 2016. The funding stakeholders are News Media Association (NMA - representing newsbrands), Professional Publishers Association (PPA - magazine media) and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA - advertising agencies). The PAMCo board also has representation from The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), and a research specialist, currently its research partner, Ipsos MORI.


Audience Measurement for Publishers (AMP), will be the new audience measurement service, which will supersede NRS.

AMP data will allow publishers to monetise de-duplicated audiences across all of their platforms – mobile, tablet, pc and print. It can be used to market the published media sector, demonstrating high levels of reach of brands across platforms. AMP data will fuel the IPA TouchPoints service, which informs strategic planning. It will also be incorporated into planning bureaux, such as Kantar Choices, IMS Clear Decisions, Telmar and Mediatel for implementational planning purposes.

How will AMP be different to NRS data?

NRS was a print survey, which had digital elements added to it across its existence. The thorough industry wide process to find the successor to the NRS survey, has allowed PAMCo to design audience measurement built for a digital world.

This is reflected in an enhanced methodology, with its own digital panel, passively measuring behaviour, coupled with the rigour of 35,000 face to face interviews, offering the best of the tried and trusted and new digital innovation.  

Estimates of the audiences for digital platforms will be sourced directly from comScore, and these data will be fused with the readership survey.  Duplication of reading between the print and digital platforms will be adjusted to match observations from AMP's own digital panel.

This will allow the AMP survey to provide the following:

  • De-duplicated reach and frequency for all platforms
  • Single source data to understand how audiences move between platforms
  • Improved estimate of brand reach and duplication
  • Reporting newsbrand sections across print AND digital subject to sample size
  • Future proofed for new platforms
  • Increased number of brands reported across digital platforms

When will AMP data be in the market?

PAMCo started to collect AMP data in January 2017 and the current plan is to launch the full AMP dataset in Spring 2018.

What will happen in 2017?

In 2017, PAMCo will continue to publish NRS data but from Quarter 1 2017 (data released on 19 June 2017) the print data will be blended from NRS and AMP samples. This will result in one quarter of AMP print data and three quarters of NRS print data and an NRS PADD style fusion to deliver digital audience estimates. NRS/AMP blended data will be published at the Quarter 2 and 3 2017 data release, with an incremental proportion of AMP data until the first 100% AMP dataset for January – December 2017, which will be published in Spring 2018.

While the NRS readership and standard classification data will be available as usual throughout 2017, there will be a reduced set of non-readership data (for example some of the marketing and lifestyle questions will be removed) and the PAMCo team will be in the market March through to June to update all on these changes before the Quarter 1 data is released on 19 June.

Comparing AMP & NRS datasets

It is not appropriate to compare AMP and NRS data for marketing and trading purposes as they are based on different methodologies. 

Education & training

Quarter 2: NRS transition update to inform on changes to the NRS dataset that is being published throughout 2017.

Quarters 3 & 4: AMP Education and Training programme for all agencies and publishers will be rolled out. For more information please contact Daphna Joseph on the email address below.

For more information please contact one of the PAMCo team:

Telephone: 020 7637 9822
Simon Redican CEO:
Alison Finch, marketing & communications director:
Daphna Joseph, client services manager:
Luca Vannini, head of research:
Hana Murgani, trade marketing manager:

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