WWF - Turning words into action

Case study - Objective: Address an issue



In August this year, news broke that the Amazon was burning. Almost 73,000 fires raged across the rainforest, many of which were a result of deforestation from agricultural expansion. We all depend on the Amazon. Not just for food, water, wood and medicines but to help stabilise the climate. WWF needed a platform that would urgently deliver the message and advise people how they can support.

To maximise reach and spread the news of the ongoing global threat of the Amazon emergency, news brands provided WWF with the opportunity to tap into context and engage its target audience at speed. Detailed planning showed that – unlike TV – the national press could deliver their urgent message within 12 hours and in the space of four days could hit a huge proportion of WWF’s desired audiences.

Thanks to an extensive news brand campaign, 594 new donations directly attributed to the print ads run as part of the campaign were generated. The print insertions also improved the performance of other media with a total conversion increase of 265%. The campaign has also provided great learning for WWF who now understand the effectiveness of tapping into hot news stories to maximise donations and new members.