TSB - Stories of Local Pride

Case study - Objective: Build trust



In April 2018, TSB embarked on the most turbulent quarter of the brand’s history. Serious IT problems resulted in the bank needing to rebuild faith and trust amongst consumers and lay a solid bedrock of positivity towards its current and future customers. To achieve this, TSB focused on the reason that they were founded, to create a Britain where people and the communities they live in, thrive together.

As a long-standing partner of the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain awards, TSB had an opportunity to remind the nation of its role in communities up and down the country. To achieve this, ‘Stories of Local Pride’ was launched, featuring powerful anecdotes of people helping their communities, thanks to funding from TSB. Together with Reach, a real-life newsroom was created where journalists and editors came together to source, curate and publish stories in news brands across the country to unearth the stories that were truly connected to national and local issues. The stories were so powerful and compelling that they were then retold on the airwaves and on TV screens. 

Over three months, two in every three people had the opportunity to see, hear or read the stories of people helping people in their local communities, thanks to TSB – presenting a new and very real side of a bank too easily defined by other issues. As a result, trust in TSB increased by 33% and the campaign played a major role in stemming the flow of customers out of the business.

It is a fantastic nomination and had some incredibly strong insights. What we really loved about it is how those insights played out at a much more local level, really celebrating local heroes

Garry Kibble, Marketing Director, Sainsbury’s Argos Ltd