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Case study - Objective: Prompt action

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The launch of the new PAMCo data has signalled a significant shift in how newsbrand planning is evolving and The Guardian wanted to fully embrace this, bringing the new data to life. The aim was to develop a narrative to engage and inspire agencies, arming them with evidence and providing them with new solutions.

Focusing on two key elements, Guardian Media Group created a new ‘Truth Narrative’ – a strategic sales story aimed at planners – and ‘Moments’ packages targeted at an operational and investment level. The challenge was to get agencies to look past their regular planning tools and re-evaluate the value of newsbrands.

The ‘Truth Narrative’ deck combines PAMCo data with Newsworks’ Planning for Profit and Value of Quality research, as well as The Guardian’s Progressive audience research. It demonstrates the strength of PAMCo data with an in-depth sales case focused on reach, depth of engagement and attitude.

PAMCo data has also allowed the publisher to develop multiple cross-platform ‘Moments’ packages, tapping into key platforms, products and contexts; for example Millennials, Summer Fashion, Gamers or One Day Sale. In a short space of time, Guardian Media Group has sold numerous campaigns for brands such as Rolex and BMW using these methods, and unleashed untapped revenue streams through investment in new verticals.

The Guardian’s entry is a clear demonstration of how PAMCo can be used to beneficial effect on multiple levels. It is evident that the data is used not only to drive the business forward but also to champion newsbrands collectively, which has to be commended.

Denise Turner, insight director, Newsworks