Tesco - Weekly Little Helps

Case study - Objective: Fame & stature


Tesco, MediaCom, News UK, Reach Solutions and BBH united for the supermarket’s ‘Weekly Little Helps’ campaign and, in doing so, increased sales, value perception and ROI.

In 2017, brands were facing a seismic challenge with 81% of shoppers ranking price as their number one factor when choosing which supermarket to shop at. The economic climate, alongside the growth of budget stores, saw many customers seeking alternative options for their groceries, making the battle for sales harder than ever.

In order to create standout, drive consideration and boost sales with its ‘Weekly Little Helps’ low cost messaging, Tesco adopted a simple solution – be there first. With activity across The Sun, Daily Mirror and 21 of the biggest regional titles, Tesco ran front page, first in format and first impression takeovers across devices to ensure that its four best deals would stand out from the pack regardless of how readers accessed the news. Prior to this, The Sun and The Mirror had never sold their front pages and to create a unified partnership all parties had to agree to the same deal, leading to the first ever commercial collaboration between two rivals.

Key findings:

  • ‘Value’ perception has increased by +10%, according to YouGov
  • There has been an average 2.6% uplift in sales for featured products
  • Ad recall of front page strips is 22% (higher than the average page)
  • Tesco have extended the partnership until 2019, based on the campaign’s success

I knew we were breaking new ground when we managed to get The Sun and The Mirror in the same room. Since then, collaboration has been at the heart of the partnership – between the newsbrands themselves, editorial and commercial teams, newsbrands and agencies and many stakeholders at Tesco.

Nick Ashley, head of media, Tesco