Spotify – Music for the family

Case study - Objective: Education & understanding


To boost awareness of its family plan, Spotify and Goodstuff teamed up with the Guardian for a content series exploring whether the generation gap still exists in a culture where any genre of music is available at the touch of a button.

The relaunch of Spotify’s family plan in May 2016 has been a key driver of growth for the brand. However, awareness levels were low and Goodstuff needed to differentiate Spotify from other music brands offering the same service.

At the heart of this campaign was a content series celebrating the democratisation of taste, parents who are cooler than their kids and shared cultures. Print activity included an innovative folding cover wrap, with a creative that played on the idea of the generation gap.

Online content featured trusted journalists who are also parents themselves, such as Pete Paphides, allowing audiences to relate to the campaign. Meanwhile, infographics with Spotify data showcased music family trees and pinpointed popular songs among the whole family.

Key findings

  • Brand perception was enhanced by 54% to those who were exposed to the campaign
  • 82% of the exposed target audience were more likely to subscribe to the family plan and recommend Spotify
  • Awareness of the family plan increased from 27% to 37% and there was a 10% conversion rate of those clicking through from the Guardian activity