No1 Rosemary Water – Rosemary Water

Case study - Objective: Education & understanding


No1 Rosemary Water and Bountiful Cow used newsbrands to capitalise on topical news stories about the positive effects of the herb.

With plenty of fads and fake health claims cluttering the water market, No1 Rosemary Water needed to drive credibility about its product with a trusted source. Following newspaper coverage of a scientific study into the positive benefits of rosemary on people’s memory, No1 Rosemary Water were able to reach the same readers 24 hours later with a highly relevant ad referencing the newspapers’ editorial.

By securing editorial approval with each individual title that ran the news, Bountiful Cow used the clippings front and centre in a high impact creative. This tactic not only employed a credible medium to substantiate claims and enrich overall understanding, but it also allowed for Rosemary Water to align itself with scientific findings. The brand is working closely with Dr. Moss to further investigate the true benefits of rosemary on health.

Key findings

  • As a new brand in a competitive market, No1 Rosemary Water secured niche high-end distribution through Harvey Nichols and Firmdale Hotel Group
  • The campaign coincided with ongoing conversations with Whole Foods Market and Ocado, and the subsequent listings in both retailers

Editorial like this was too big of an opportunity to miss and gave our brand credibility a huge boost when it mattered most to the business.

David Spencer-Percival, founder, No1 Rosemary Water