O2 - Apple Watch Launch

Case study - Objective: Fame & stature


O2 was about to launch the latest Apple Watch for the first time and aimed to promote the availability of the product to the widest audience in order to drive sales. With the latest PAMCo data highlighting the continued growth of on and offline news brand audiences, print and digital news brands became the obvious choice to lead the campaign mix.

News brands are a key battleground for the telecoms industry, so it was essential to utilise the channel in the correct way to stand out from the crowd and maximise reach alongside social, OOH and digital display. Analysis of PAMCo data showed that news brands provide impressive reach and that there is considerable growth in digital news brand readership. This included an impressive daily reach of 9.2m 15-34s who were a key target group for the product launch, leading to a shift in budget towards digital news brands to deliver both reach and O2’s proposition messaging.

The multi-platform news brand campaign launched with standout premium formats and homepage takeovers in lifestyle sections. The launch enjoyed great success, beating expectations in overall reach and engagement and demonstrating the power of using complimentary news brand channels.

This was a brilliant example of well thought-out planning and execution. Using the PAMCo data, this campaign was able maximised the incredible reach that news brands provide. A worthy winner!

Ben Wright, Creative Director, Newsworks