Neilson Active Holidays - Summer Peaks

Case study - Objective: Change minds


Neilson Active Holidays had ambitious plans to increase its brand awareness amongst its key target audiences (upmarket families, younger active singles and wealthy retirees) whilst at the same time, break down the relative barriers to consideration. Due to the diversity of news brand audiences, Neilson and Dec19 used newspapers as an effective vehicle to reach the brand’s key audiences in a trusted environment, to encourage them to feel that Nielson holidays were right for them.

Insights showed that each target audience liked to do different things on holiday, and they uncovered the activities and excursions that would appeal to each segment. This fed into the advertising that featured the images of each activity and into the news brands whose readership best reflected the desired target audiences. Together with Dec19’s detailed planning work, the campaign was amplified using relevant news brands to ensure increased brand awareness and consideration.

News brands gave people increased confidence in their understanding of the brand and over only eight weeks, led to double digit growth in prompted brand awareness scores and ‘improved opinion’ for Neilson. Enquiries and bookings grew as perceptions of the brand changed amongst target audiences.

What effectiveness translated through to was really impressive results – particularly in terms of unprompted and prompted brand awareness, which materially created double digit changes pre to post campaign

Gary Kibble, Marketing Director, Sainsbury’s Argos Ltd