The National Lottery - National Lottery Roll Overs

Case study - Objective: Prompt action


National Lottery rollovers are the nation’s largest and fastest direct response campaigns, designed to raise as much money as possible for good causes. The campaigns need to reach large numbers of people in a short space of time (72 hours to be precise). The aim is to raise awareness of the draw, build excitement and, most importantly, get people to buy tickets.

Of those of play the Lottery, 70% don’t buy a ticket until the day of the draw. In fact, average hourly sales rise by up to 360% in the three hours immediately before the draw. With this in mind, campaigns have let people know about the prize in the first instance and, crucially, remind them to actually buy a ticket.

The advertising plan is largely built around econometric results, which show that the most effective way of planning newsbrands during a EuroMillions rollover is to invest heavily in a variety of titles early on, then maximise activity on the day of the draw as the jackpot escalates.

National newsbrands provide high reach and drive awareness of that evening’s draw, building a sense of urgency and ensuring the draws are front of mind for consumers. High-impact, premium placements also run across a number of digital newsbrand offerings, pushing last minute messages. Newsworks and Lumen research shows that ads are 80% more likely to be seen on a newsbrand site, which is vital as National Lottery impressions are particularly time critical.


Key findings

  • 37% improvement in ROI for EuroMillions rollovers
  • 57% improvement in ROI for Lotto rollovers

Newsbrands play a key role in helping to ensure our ads remind millions of people to buy a ticket on the day of the draw… whether regional, national or digital, ads are delivered in highly trusted, quality environments.

Andrew Keens, media controller, Camelot