Levi's - Your Voice Your Way

Case study - Objective: Enrich understanding


Levi’s wanted to build on the ethos of its 2019 Levi’s Music Project, which aimed to inspire and empower the next generation of emerging musicians by providing access to technology and mentorship in their local communities. The challenge for OMD was to come up with a campaign that would continue to foster an authentic connection with young creative talent and engage writers and photographers in order to strengthen the message at the heart of Levi’s 2019 brand campaign, Your Voice Your Way.

Levi’s wanted to encourage young people to use their voice but when the world is full of opinions and everyone is talking over each other, where and how are they supposed to do this? Levi’s brand history is rooted in youthful optimism and progress; it has always been a symbol of inclusion and empowerment.

Research shows that authentic activism is becoming increasingly important to young consumers. As such, brands can benefit from championing authenticity and being at the centre of cultural conversation. Therefore, it was important for Levi’s to choose a media platform that would allow its audience to talk about issues they care about and garner interest and debate.

By partnering with The Guardian, the team were able to provide eight young creatives with a respected and authoritative platform to help elevate and amplify their voices.

Their stories came together as a series of online articles, social posts and a bespoke print magazine, focusing on the importance of self-expression, confidence, as well as feminism and climate change.


Levi’s was a clear winner – it used journalism as a force for good by giving a platform to young creative talent. The content was beautifully crafted and used news brands to create such a positive impact.

Enyi Nwosu, chief strategy officer, UM