ITV - Quality TV to Go

Case study - Objective: Change minds


With the rise of VOD platforms, keeping light viewers tuning into ITV was becoming progressively harder. To improve brand perception, drive awareness and increase viewing, ITV turned to newsbrands for a long-term solution that would use editorial influence to overcome brand snobbery.

Working with Metro, ITV and Goodstuff created the first ever on-demand content section in the newspaper’s history - ‘TV to Go,’ to position the channel as a relevant, modern content brand. The three-page feature was supported by nine high-impact cover wraps over the course of the year to drive impact and awareness of ITV’s flagship shows on the day of transmission.

For example, for the launch of new drama Strangers, ITV ran the first Metro cover wrap written entirely in a foreign language – Cantonese – including Metro’s logo. In addition, Strangers branded fortune cookies – featuring cryptic clues TX driving messages and a promotional code for an Uber Eats takeaway later that evening – were handed out at key sites.

The collaborative partnership also included a series of front page flashes directing readers to Metro’s ’60 seconds with...’ page, featuring interviews with ITV talent and supported by tactical display ads within the feature.

Key findings

  • The ‘TV To Go’ content partnership resulted in Metro readers’ opinion of
  • ITV increasing by 71%
  • The partnership drove a 150% uplift in spontaneous ad recall, according to effectiveness research
  • The partnership primed the target audience to tune in, with 81% intending to watch a show after seeing the activity and 35% stating that they had gone on to watch a show after seeing the partnership
  • Panel research by Metro found that the Strangers cover wrap was the second most recalled in the newsbrand’s history

It’s a fantastic example of a brand and media owner coming together to create something of genuine value.

Paul Ridsdale, acting director of network marketing, ITV