The Guardian - Gaming

Case study - Objective: Fame & stature


With over 28 million ‘gamers’ in the UK, gaming has become part of our everyday culture. The Guardian aims is to talk about video games in a way that’s approachable and understandable to everyone; highlighting developments within the industry and giving advice on what to play.

This approach presented new commercial opportunities and led to The Guardian created a gaming vertical. With the help of PAMCo data, it identified who Guardian gamers are and used that insight to argue the business case for investing in its Guardian Gaming proposition.

The Guardian used E3 – the world’s largest gaming expo – as a platform to launch its first commercial gaming opportunity; covering releases, news and content via a live blog format.

Bethesda was due to preview one of its biggest 2018 releases at the event, so The Guardian approached the game publisher with its E3 proposition and secured investment for a full takeover during the E3 weekend.

The Guardian have used this case study as a springboard to engage with other brands, resulting in briefs and revenue from areas where it historically wouldn’t be considered. PAMCo has given The Guardian a new sales story to take to market, and the confidence to approach the big players with a robust and verifiable commercial gaming proposition.

Key findings

  • The liveblog and takeover surpassed both the clients and The Guardian’s KPIs, validating the quality of the data harvested from PAMCo
  • Over the two days, The Guardian delivered over 380,000 page views to the blog, with Bethesda seeing CTRs of up to 0.7% during the campaign
  • Approximately half of visitors were regulars to the Guardian, demonstrating how well PAMCo’s data matched the reality - The Guardian’s E3 live blog was the number one result for the UK Google search ‘E3’

I regularly talk to my team about broadening their title selection and looking for fresh audiences but it took the Guardian Sales team and their new gaming pitch to illustrate the strength of their gaming audience, which persuaded my team to run a trial.

Richard Dennis-Jones, commercial director, Target Media