Fox Networks Group - Deep State

Case study - Objective: Fame & stature


For the launch of its new show Deep State, Fox Networks Group and Mindshare needed to both build familiarity and create impact. The concept of a ‘deep state’ was not a well-known in the UK, so the campaign hinged on making the audience understand the relatively complex idea, before drawing attention to the new show.

In order to do this, activity followed three distinct phases; seed, ignite and watch. Newsbrands were at the heart of the campaign due to their dominance in the UK’s political news agenda, alongside their credibility and ability to produce high-quality journalistic content. Collaboration and creativity meant that the campaign reached its highest potential, giving a Network TV show a blockbuster feel.

During the first phase of the campaign, DPS advertorials ran in the Daily Mirror, along with online native articles, investigating the idea of the ‘deep state’ as a concept in the UK. Following this, in the second phase, Fox Networks Group and Mindshare drew on the investigative work of Reach Solutions’ Data Acquisition Unit to uncover powerful individuals manipulating the state for their own ends – revealing evidence of a British deep state. This content also ran in advertorial format in print and online.

Finally, the third stage saw heavier promotion of the TV series itself, including a translucent cover wrap on Metro on the day the show launched. The 10 week interconnected media campaign succeeded in building momentum and curiosity for the series by hooking people into the concept of a deep state. The show’s first episode opened to the second-highest viewing figures ever for the channel – making it their biggest and most successful recent launch – with 39% of overall viewers of the series new to the channel.

Key findings

  • The campaign led to increased searches for ‘deep state’ by 240% month-on-month
  • The activity reached over 6,100,000 people, delivered 200,000 page views (+233%) and drove conversation, with over 2,000 people discussing the existence of UK deep state online
  • 39% of viewers were new to the channel, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness of reaching and engaging a wider audience

An innovative and disruptive show needs innovative and disruptive marketing. FOX is a premium channel and we value this type of creative engagement with our show brands.

Amber Sutera, director of marketing, Fox Networks Group