British Heart Foundation – You’re Full of It

Case study - Objective: Prompt action


The British Heart Foundation’s own research found that high levels of particles in the air called PM2.5 have long-term health effects and could lead to development of or the worsening of serious heart and circulatory diseases. As such, PHD needed to create a campaign to raise awareness of this dangerous issue and help prompt the public to take action. Through an impactful media execution, the campaign encouraged concerned citizens contact their local MPs to persuade them to support World Health Organization air quality limits in an upcoming Environment Bill.

Audience insights uncovered two priority groups; an engaged public audience likely to urge MPs to support the Bill in parliament, and MPs themselves. Analysing these groups and their media consumption showed that impactful print would reach and engage them most effectively. Working with Metro, PHD produced a national cover-wrap to create maximum impact. This was combined with 25x4 bookends in national press titles with contrasting and contextual messaging to capture attention.

Not only was the campaign highly contextual and impactful, it also translated into impressive results. The Metro cover-wrap outperformed all key metrics with 90% recalling the campaign, 71% finding it interesting and one in three readers going on to visit the BHF’s website to look for further information. Overall, the print and OOH campaign delivered a 25% uplift in recall and more than 9,000 emails were sent to MPs, 25% above target.

I loved the British Heart Foundation campaign because it used newspapers to do what they do best - to raise awareness of an important issue, in a really creative and impactful way.

Geoff de Burca, chief strategy officer, MediaCom