Ancestry, Changing Minds in Changing Times

Case study - Objective: Change minds


This is the story of how Ancestry changed public perception of a category that is often dismissed as niche and irrelevant. Getting people to find headspace for genealogy during the pandemic magnified the challenge significantly. But with lockdown leaving people deprived of human connection, Ancestry’s mantra of ‘showing the way to meaningful discovery’ was more newsworthy than ever before.

The solution was to partner with a reputable news brand, which could elevate stories of self-discovery that cast the spotlight on the role of Ancestry. Collaborating with The Times portfolio, the7stars launched the ‘Know Yourself to Grow Yourself’ partnership; a content series that delivered educational and emotive content across both print and online, as well as becoming one of the launch partners of new property Times Radio.

The campaign was a success, with the launch month producing Ancestry’s best-performing September ever, driving a 28% uplift in consideration and 81% of viewers perceiving the brand as ‘relevant to me today’.