Parsley Box - Performance Brand Campaign

Case study - Objective: Education and understanding & prompt action


Nutrition is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of ready meals. This is something that the team behind Parsley Box wanted to change, by educating people about its nutritious, quick and easy ready meals. To do this, Lavery Rowe Advertising needed to drive awareness and sales to two target groups, older people who were spending more time at home due to the pandemic and their adult children.

The three-pronged approach to educate, sell and consolidate the brand’s mission and products, was brought to life by news brands as insights showed that Parsley Box’s target audiences were avid newspaper readers, valuing the trusted information they provide. The dynamic mix of short and long-form ads allowed the campaign to use different formats for different parts of its approach – advertorials were there to educate and encourage sales and front-page strips and back covers consolidated the brand awareness.

All KPIs for the performance element of the campaign were exceeded, including the number of new customers, cost per acquisition and profits. Simultaneously the campaign achieved significant brand impact, reaching 55% of its core target audience and delivering over 78 million targeted impressions.

The business results speak for themselves and the ROI was certainly proven when it came to sales growth. Most importantly, the campaign demonstrated the way in which businesses can be built and run on the back of a presence in [news brands]

Phil Smith, director general, ISBA