Renault - The joy of firsts

The Guardian Labs and Global collaborated on 'The joy of firsts' campaign, showing how driving an electric Renault ZOE makes you feel the rush of getting behind the wheel for the first time all over again.

“Working on this content-driven media partnership was a joy, our aim to create genuinely interesting, entertaining, and informative content to break down the barriers to buying and owning a Renault ZOE was enthusiastically taken on by the team. The results speak for themselves and are a testament to the strong emphasis everyone involved placed on the quality of the content. The [Guardian and Global] team’s open and collaborative approach ensured the best ideas were produced for our target audience ” said Leah Philips, campaign manager at Renault.

Brand: Renault
Platform: Multi-platform
Date: September 2020

  • Initially published in the Saturday Guardian and around the theme of 'The joy of firsts', the content featured the firsts of everything for example the first postbox in London, the first coffee shop in Oxford, and so on. In addition, it included a map of all the charging points available to people across the country.
  • Across radio, The Guardian and Global debunked EV myths and answered questions from listeners and readers through Q&A articles and “myth-busting” explanations.
  • The news brand filmed legendary comedian Omid Djalili going electric for the first time in a Renault ZOE - he provided commentary of his experiences.
  • The campaign saw a 57% uplift in consideration around buying an electric car from Renault and there was a 257% uplift in people who said Renault ZOE was their favourite brand. 

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