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PAMCo: Not so much a repositioning as a turbocharge for publishers

To mark this week's PAMCo release, three agency leaders give their views on what it will mean for media brands, engagement and national newsbrands in the overall media mix.

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What PAMCo means for media brands

By Clare Chapman, head of media planning EMEA, Essence

At a time when more and more people are skipping, blocking and even paying to avoid advertising, our industry has a collective responsibility to address this issue and help the brands we represent earn their place in this choice economy. Advertising works best when it is compelling, relevant and in the right environment, and the arrival of PAMCo helps us deliver this more effectively.

In recent years, media planners have all too often been forced to choose between prioritising audience or context. The big debate has been between reaching specific audiences, wherever and whenever we can find them versus appearing in a relevant environment or moment in time, making our message a more compelling proposition but with the risk of audience wastage.

Brand safety concerns have added fuel to this fire; with fraud and unsafe environments an increasing source of anxiety, reputable publishers are more relevant and needed than ever. Brand safety is a clear strength of news and magazine brands but we’ve often lacked enough audience data to justify their inclusion on plans. PAMCo addresses this and strengthens the argument for the partner publishers to play a more central role.

With a holistic view across platforms, even drilling down into readership of newspaper sections, PAMCo helps media planners bring audience and context together. With a complete view of the scale of audiences in each environment, we can also make better judgements of when to tailor creative to make our messages even more compelling.

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How PAMCo will provide deeper and extra engagement data for newsbrands

By Paul Gayfer, planning partner, Goodstuff

PAMCo's most important contribution is undoubtedly its Total Brand Reach approach to measurement. As we move increasingly towards a media planning philosophy that considers the appeal and effect of media brands as much as we do media channels, this progressive and valuable measure is an approach that we’ll hopefully see across other industry measurement in the near future.

One fresh perspective that this approach provides is understanding the levels of unduplicated reach across printed and digital elements of publications. Understanding the relative balance and demographic variation between online and offline consumption and how that varies by media brand gives a breadth of new opportunity in implementational planning.

Two of the biggest topics of conversation this year have been around quality of impressions and subsequently the importance of context in planning. Two of PAMCo’s suite of tools give us new ways into understanding the strength and flexibility of these factors for publishing brands:

  • Quality of engagement: In an age when the quality of an 'impression' is rapidly (and happily) becoming considered as important than the volume of impressions, PAMCo can record both observed and claimed level of engagement across different content. By measuring time spent alongside the type and platform that the copy originates from we can start to understand the vary levels of attention that people pay to publisher content by the device they’re viewing it on, alongside statements answered around connection and trust people feel towards it.
  • Context: The tension in traditional print planning between the opportunity of a more contextual placement in relevant editorial versus the reach of simply running early in 'the book' has never been satisfactorily resolved. PAMCo's interest report gives the opportunity to study how popular 48 different topic areas are, allowing us to understand the strength of this variety of interests by demographic and device, thereby allowing us to plan passion-led and contextually sensitive campaigns with detailed knowledge of the best way to build reach behind them.
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How PAMCo will re-position newsbrands in the media mix

By Pippa Glucklich, CEO, Amplifi UK

PAMCo doesn't so much reposition but turbocharge a publisher's ability to deliver results through the power of quality content and context. In the wake of Europe's tough new data-protection law and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, both of which have impacted the quantity of data available for targeting, context matters more than ever. 

At Amplifi, our One Display team plan and buy across paper and digital touch points for clients such as Debenhams, Camelot and Jaguar Land Rover. Let's look at a couple of the statements some people make about newspapers through the new lens that PAMCo data can provide, and see whether these statements are trash or cash. 

Do advertisers always deliver more impact by having their ads in the front half of a newspaper? 

Certainly many advertisers have traditionally opted to have their ads in the front half. But now we are able to delve down into publishing product on a section-by-section level and plan with verified numbers.  So for targeting a specific audience, say 25-54 males, we now have the data to prove that we’ll find him in the sport sections of The Sun, Daily Star, Guardian and Observer. Clearly, the back half may be the cash option. 

What about age? Are readers of the Daily Mail and Telegraph confined to the ranks of the middle-aged?  

Let's look at the numbers. With combined paper and online data we can see that the Daily Mail in fact over indexes (136) against the younger ABC1 15-24 demographic. It's a similar story with the Telegraph where combined reach for the same audience indexes at 152.  It's a simple matter of matching the sections, paper or print, to audience. Again, cash not trash.

In an increasingly complex and convergent world, PAMCo data will help us to connect more of the dots, ensuring that publisher audiences across print and digital platforms remain as interesting and relevant as ever.

by Liz Jaques 28/06/18

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