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IPA TouchPoints 2018: Knowing me, knowing you

Taking to the stage at BAFTA for the TouchPoints 2018 launch, Newsworks' insight director Denise Turner delved into what consumers want from the online experience and what advertisers could learn from the insights. 

The data shows that while 80% of people are aware that advertisers pay to appear in Google searches, the majority are not so clued up about the extent of online targeting. For example:

  • 67% are not aware that Google searches are personalised. This falls to 57% for 18-24s
  • Only 34% know that adverts they see on Facebook are matched to their personal profiles. This rises to 51% for 18-24s

When it comes to how people engage with content, just 17% say they regularly click on ads to get more information (down from 28% 18 months ago), despite the fact that 37% agree that good advertising helps them buy something they haven't bought before. As Denise said, "alarm bells should be ringing" as a result:

  • 62% are often put off clicking on ads for new brands because they think they will follow them around (up from 57% in 2017)
  • 79% get annoyed by adverts that follow them around online (up from 64% in 2017)
  • 84% agree that if they see an ad too many times online then they end up blanking it out (up from 71% in 2017)

So why are people increasingly reluctant to click? Analysis shows that retargeting people doesn’t breed familiarity and that brands are risking alienating customers as a result – just three in 10 want to see an ad for something they have previously searched for online. Conversely, people take a more favourable view of ads that are related to their hobbies, with 54% finding these ads most relevant (rising to 59% for 18-24s).

As a result, Denise told delegates at BAFTA that advertisers have "got to respect the consumer... [and] think about how we can widen people's experience of advertising". For example, by redefining relevance and focusing on people's hobbies and interests over previous searches or products that have already been looked at.

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