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IPA TouchPoints 2018: 86 minutes of quality time spent with newspapers on Sundays

New IPA TouchPoints 2018 data shows that readers are spending an average of 1 hour and 11 minutes with their daily newspaper and 1 hour 26 minutes with their Sunday paper, on the days that they read.

According to the latest IPA TouchPoints survey, print readers are spending 1 hour and 11 minutes with their daily newspapers on the days that they read. Sunday newspaper readers are spending even longer — 1 hour and 26 minutes — up 7% from last year. Some readers are even reading the Sunday titles for a further 55 minutes a day throughout the week (Monday to Saturday), five minutes longer than they were last year.

On average, readers are spending 54 minutes reading on their smartphones (on the days that they read), with the number increasing slightly for younger people (18-34s) to 55 minutes. Adults are spending 56 minutes reading on their tablets and 47 minutes reading via desktop.

Earlier in the year, we teamed up with d.ffrento/ogy to pose the question — what's the fuss around trust? Our research found that trust is an incredibly complex concept, and in world of infinite content and fake news, it's one that comes up often. According to TouchPoints 2018, 53% of the population agree that these days they tend to trust companies less – so it's definitely something that's on peoples' minds.

Trust around newsbrands is based on personal relationships — it's multi-dimensional and it needs context (i.e. people are more likely to trust the newsbrand they read than newsbrands in general). The latest TouchPoints data shows that almost three times as many people are willing to put their complete trust in national newspapers' content, versus content found on social media (0.44 million vs 0.15 million for social media).

This supports what we know about trust already from our own studies, like how 69% of readers trust the newspaper they read, and that newsbrand content on social media is 40% more trusted than general social media content.

Download infographic here Touchpoints 2018



by Zainab Pirzada 16/09/18

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