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Alison Phillips on why the Mirror is a "force for good"

Speaking to Paul Blanchard on the Media Masters podcast, the editor of the Daily Mirror discusses the title's campaigns and what's next for the newsbrand.

Having been appointed editor of the Daily Mirror in March, Phillips feels that the title is "reaching a point of sustained confidence" and describes campaigning as its "lifeblood".

As well as recent activity – such as the 'Change the law for life' campaign which changed the system for organ donation so that people automatically opt in unless they say otherwise – Phillips also drew attention to the Mirror’s campaigning past. "One of my favourite topics is that how, when after the Titanic went down, and there weren't enough lifeboats for the poorer people, the people that had been steerage. It was the Mirror that campaigned to have lifeboats for every member of a ship that was going out to sea" she explains. "That was just an extraordinary sort of bit of social change, which the Mirror led... there's endless examples of how the Mirror has shaped this country, and that's, I think, its role as a brand. It can be an amazing force for good, and that’s what I think we need to focus on."

In today's environment, Phillips believes that – more than ever – there is "a real need for a popular left of centre, open minded, big-hearted tabloid newspaper". And when it comes to creating editorial, "it's not good enough anymore just to rely on news of the day when that news of the day is already everywhere". In order to stand apart, newsbrands have to offer "something additional, some interpretation, some analysis, something behind the scenes". For example, in the case of the Mirror, Phillips says that readers want complicated issues around Brexit "explained in an accessible fashion".

On what the Daily Mirror will look like in a couple of years, Phillips says: "Bolder, and brighter, and it will be more comments, more analysis, more Q&As, more explanation, more debate... We need to reach a point whereby everything we do is taking the story beyond just the story."

Listen to the podcast here.

by Jessie Sampson 04/10/18

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