Finding the medium for your message

In a world of ‘hybrid mediums’, news brands now offer a host of different ways to engage with their content. Use this simple tool to explore the strengths of the different elements – in total and for key demographics.

There are four key news roles for the consumer:

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Exploration & discovery

Introducing multiple new perspectives and challenging ideas


Consolidation & depth

Key facts that are personally relevant to existing views


Rational storytelling

An in depth look at the relevant facts in order to think logically

MITM-icons 4

Emotional storytelling

Using feeling to drive a strong personal connection to events

How the tool works

The darker the colour, the higher that form of content delivery is performing against the all-news media average for each role.

Hover over any square to view a numerical index.

Click to open up the roles and look in more depth at their constituent attitudinal statements.

Scroll down to explore demographic differences.

Then go ahead and download your chosen data run into Excel.

Alternatively, download a mapped visualisation for your chosen demographic, showing where each element of the newsbrand offering sits according to the four key roles.

Source: Is the medium still the massage? 2017

Total data set

Newsbrand print

Newsbrand app

Newsbrand online article

Newsbrand online comments

Newsbrand online professional video

Newsbrand real life video

Facebook from newsbrand

Twitter from newsbrand

{{ section.title }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandPrint['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandApp['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineArticle['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineComments['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineProfessionalVideo['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandRealLifeVideo['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.facebookFromNewsbrand['total'] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.twitterFromNewsbrand['total'] }}

{{ question.title }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandPrint['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandApp['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineArticle['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineComments['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineProfessionalVideo['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandRealLifeVideo['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.facebookFromNewsbrand['total'] }}

{{ question.medium.twitterFromNewsbrand['total'] }}

Newsbrand print

Newsbrand app

Newsbrand online article

Newsbrand online comments

Newsbrand online professional video

Newsbrand real life video

Facebook from newsbrand

Twitter from newsbrand

{{ section.title }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandPrint[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandApp[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineArticle[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineComments[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandOnlineProfessionalVideo[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.newsbrandRealLifeVideo[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.facebookFromNewsbrand[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ section.titleQuestion.medium.twitterFromNewsbrand[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.title }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandPrint[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandApp[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineArticle[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineComments[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandOnlineProfessionalVideo[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.newsbrandRealLifeVideo[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.facebookFromNewsbrand[ctrl.Demographic] }}

{{ question.medium.twitterFromNewsbrand[ctrl.Demographic] }}

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