Reach over 21 million people in one day


Impact is a cross platform, cross title ad package allowing advertisers to reach over 21 million people in one day via high profile news brand placements in print and digital. For planners, it provides a simple, stand-out solution for launches and important campaign moments.

What is it?

Impact is a media first collaboration between all national news brands – a multi-platform ad package allowing advertisers to easily book the first ad page and HPTO (desktop and mobile) across all national news brand titles.

In a world that’s ever more complicated, Impact has been created to keep things simple. Bookable via one point of contact, the package gives planners an alternative route to market for launches and important campaign moments that provides outstanding reach of over 21 million in one day.

Given that Byron Sharp advises brands to “continuously reach large audiences of light buyers cost-effectively” to achieve sales growth, Impact is a compelling and simply executed option for advertisers.

How does it work?

To find out more, contact the sales team of any of Newsworks’ stakeholders or Newsworks (give Niki West a ring on 020 7747 2128 or email

The Impact package consists of the first ad page in each newspaper and a homepage takeover across desktop and mobile.

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