Case studies

These advertising case studies showcase the best examples of newsbrand advertising across print and digital. Each campaign below demonstrates how newsbrands were used to deliver one of six communication roles:

Address an issue: focus on a specific issue or event

Build trust: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Change minds: change consumer opinion of a brand

Education & understanding: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Fame & stature: create the sense of brand momentum

Prompt action: cause consumer action, directly or indirectly impacting sales

The National Autistic Society – Too much information

The National Autistic Society (NAS) teamed up with the Guardian for a campaign that set out to dispel stereotypes and educate people about autism.

The Guardian has a strong history of covering autism related topics, making them the perfect partner for this campaign.

Drawing on the editorial expertise of the Guardian and the professional experience and contacts of the NAS, a series of articles and features presented clear information and real life experiences with an engaging and authentic tone of voice.

Central to the partnership was the promotion of a video create by NAS's creative agency 'Don't Panic'. This was hosted natively on the Guardian, with the newsbrand's environment and authority complementing the creatively powerful video - resulting in a combination of right content, right audience, right place and right time.

Additionally, the campaign also used short films and articles heavily supported by editorial in both print and online properties. Autism was already a topic of interest for a significant number of the Guardian readers and editorial support allowed the campaign to mobilise readers to engage further with NAS and the campaign message.


  • The campaign exceed the Guardian’s targets for both reach and engagement, in some cases overachieving editorial benchmarks
  • The original target for unique users was surpassed by 313%
  • Social results outperformed benchmarks by 7,147%
  • Pre and post wave research established that those who saw the campaign content were 53% more likely to support NAS, and 78% understood to a greater extent the challenges faced by autistic people and their families (Brand Aid Post Wave Survey, July 2016)

We focused on our efforts on creating content that would be widely read and shared, and this is why the Guardian was a natural choice as a partner for us.

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Newsbrand effectiveness

Newsbrand effectiveness

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