Case studies

These case studies showcase the best examples of advertising across print and digital newsbrands. Each campaign below demonstrates how newsbrands were used to deliver one of six communication roles:

Address an issue: focus on a specific issue or event

Build trust: consolidate or develop a brand's reputation

Change minds: change consumer opinion of a brand

Education & understanding: develop consumer understanding of a brand and its purpose

Fame & stature: create the sense of brand momentum

Prompt action: cause consumer action, directly or indirectly impacting sales

Lidl - The Middle of Lidl

The ‘Middle of Lidl’ refers to the aisle at the centre of each branch that carries different products every three days. From canoes, to clothing, to kitchen appliances – they are the non-food items you don’t know you want. The challenge for Lidl was how to market the featured products effectively and drive sales within each three day period.

Prior to the launch of PAMCo, activity was purely reach based, with national press insertions running in the lead up to products being in store. The new audience measurement data allows for a much more granular approach. By applying relevant statements across PAMCo’s data and overlaying this with the index, reach and frequency of each title, Lidl can target specific audiences within relevant sections of the newspaper.

As in print, Lidl uses PAMCo’s digital data to identify relevant audiences and implement a cost-effective reach strategy across the campaign. The cross-platform nature of PAMCo means that Lidl can accurately understand how print and online activity are working together.

It is clear from this entry that Lidl’s approach to planning has evolved following the introduction of PAMCo, allowing the company to adopt a more granular, audience-led approach. In doing so, it has ensured that advertising is targeted at the right audience, at the right time, in the right context, at scale.

Niki West, client services director, Newsworks


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