Ad campaign: Nothing works like news works.

The message

The UK's six leading national newspaper groups have combined forces to launch an advertising campaign worth £3 million, reminding people of the unique role newspapers play for advertisers, readers and society.

We live in an age of media butterflies. With so much content available at our fingertips we're constantly flitting between platforms, devices and apps. Yet newsbrands stand apart. You can't multi-task when reading a newspaper. They still command a remarkable level of attention and influence.

That's the message behind 'Nothing works like news works', an eight week campaign which launched on 2 September 2015 and will run across the print and digital versions of 18 titles.

The ads will remind people that the 36 million still pick up a paper each month and spend more than an hour reading it, while readership of newsbrands reaches 46 million when all platforms are included.

"Technology and the arrival of tech organisations has transformed the way all of us find information, which means the important role newspaper brands play can sometimes be overlooked" says Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks. "We felt it was time to remind people about the job they do and extraordinary influence they have over people's opinions and decision-making."

As well as the ads, an accompanying 40 second film, Media Butterflies (as seen above), develops the idea that it is hard to find any audience today that gives you its undivided attention as they are all "surfing, scrolling and skipping". By contrast newspaper readers are: "receptive, engaged and absorbed. Whether it is in our news or your advertising."

Created by award-winning copywriters Holmes Hobbs Marcantonio (HHM), the ads also emphasise the spending power of newspaper readers, the prominent role they play for young people and how they set the news agenda.  

"National newspapers are now more widely read than they were in Fleet Street’s heyday" commented Alfredo Marcantonio, a partner at HHM. "Not only this, but people are faithful regardless of format – they'd no more change their newspaper than their football team."

Newsworks' ran a follow-up campaign in spring 2016.

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