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10 questions with…Francesca Peak

Every week, we talk to a member of Team Nation to find out how they are bringing this “All in, all together” ad campaign to life. This week 10 questions with…meets project manager at News UK, Francesca Peak.

1. To me, the rainbow symbolises

The hope that comes after a time of difficulty and trouble.

2. What is your role at Team Nation?

I look after all the tracking for the campaign, which splits into two parts – liaising with the agency to organise, distribute and troubleshoot the tags, and also managing the publishers’ individual and collective reports and digital statistics on the print and digital elements of the campaign. Essentially, my role involves a lot of spreadsheets!

3. Have you ever worked on an advertising campaign of this scale before? 

I’m not sure anything this big has ever existed before!

4. What is it like working on a cross-industry team?

It’s great to see and understand how other teams work and how we all approach the same problems differently. I’ve really enjoyed working with and learning from my colleagues on the team and getting our heads together to overcome the various challenges this campaign has presented.

5. What has been the highlight so far?

Seeing how each publisher has tailored the briefs to their publications and tailored them for their audiences. Normally I only get to see what The Times and The Sun do, so it's great to see how all the publications approach the same brief and how different all the content is in the end. 

6. And any challenges you can share?

Figuring out a way to combine all the publishers’ reporting onto one enormous spreadsheet, when they all report on their content slightly differently. In addition, most of the project managers (including myself) look after their own internal production of each piece of content, so they’re all overworked and stretched, so getting things to the client on time has sometimes proved challenging, but we’re all in it together and the client is thankfully understanding of that.

7. Think of three words that come to mind when you think of the campaign?

Communication, collaboration and spreadsheets.

8. What have you learnt?

How to spin more plates than I’ve ever spun before! Creative ways to present data that isn’t always that interesting or understandable, and working with so many different media owners with individual needs and processes.

9. What can we expect to see next?

We’re nearing the end of the campaign now but fingers crossed for phase two – it’s amazing what we can do when everyone teams up together and combines forces. 

 10. Finish this sentence…

All in, all together for the quickest and safest path back to normality.


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