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Newsbrands have always had
scale and the ability to deliver large
audiences; and in a multi-platform
world this scale and reach is growing.
Newsbrands reach more than
of the population each month that's an audience of 47 million
... and not only are more people reading
newsbrands, they are spending
more time with them.
70 minutes a day (on days they read newspapers)
We are famous
for reaching

did you know that in a week
newsbrands reach nearly
9 million more women than magazines do? and 96%
of 18-34s read a newsbrand each month
Newsbrands engage the
heart as well as the head.

People choose THEIR newsbrand for a
multitude of reasons and those reasons tend to
be emotional ones... it reflects their views, passions and interests.
ENGAGEMENT = a powerful force in advertising
Newsbrands persuade people to BUY
According to the 2014 Ebiquity study
'Payback 4' the average profit return
on investment for press is £1.48 for
every £1 spent...

and according to a BrandScience study
for Microsoft this increases to a massive
£6.41 for retailers.
The scale, reach and power of
newsbrands amplifies the effects of other
media, effectively supercharging them.

A campaign that features
TV + newsbrands sees
an average increase of
in the number of people agreeing
that advertising 'gives me a reason
to go out and buy'
versus TV alone.
Papers aren't
just paper anymore
Newsbrands include paper, tablet, mobile and online...
So from...
thermal ink
augmented reality
the opportunities to innovate and engage
a newsbrand audience are boundless.
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