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Attention in a quality environment

Lumen eye tracking research demonstrates the power of newsbrands to capture attention across both print and digital platforms. The findings explore the value of newsbrands’ quality environment and how newsbrand content creates attention for advertisers.

Eye-tracking, according to Lumen, allows us to see ‘’what people actually do, not what they say they do’’. By measuring automatic reactions, we can utilise these implicit responses to gain insights into consumer behaviour.

Newsbrands’ trusted quality content engages readers and this impacts how they respond to advertising, whether in print or digital formats. Lumen’s findings build on Newsworks’ own research - The battle for attention demonstrates the power of trusted newsbrands to build a personal connection and ensure that people put time aside for reading. Similarly, The company you keep research shows that the engagement, trust and personal identification that regular readers have with their newsbrand creates a significant context effect across all platforms. Regular readers are "primed" to respond more favourably to advertising due to the strong relationship they have with their chosen newsbrand.

Key findings - Digital newsbrands

The quality environment of digital newsbrands means they convert viewable time into ad views more effectively, so that the average dwell time is 30% higher on newsbrand sites versus non newsbrand sites.

  • Newsbrand sites deliver double the viewing time per page
  • Ad viewing 2.5 times more likely on a newsbrand site

Key findings - Print newsbrands

  • 75% of readers look at each print ad on average
  • Print newsbrand ads are viewed for 2.5 times longer than an average digital ad
  • Larger sizes, special formats and multiple ads per issue increase impact and dwell times
  • Standout and dwell times increase for special events like Black Friday and Christmas


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