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The Mobile Influencer

For a quality mobile-first newsbrand like the Guardian, leveraging the power of its highly influential audience is vital for attracting advertisers.

A key question remains however, as to how influence is linked to mobility. To answer this question the Guardian partnered with word of mouth specialists Keller Fay to look at the Mobile Influencer audience and explore the link between mobility and influence in more detail.

The audience was defined as those using their mobile phone to access the internet/apps regularly over a 24 hour period. They also had to have been to the cinema or visited a shopping centre in the past 14 days to represent their leisure mobility and, in addition to this, they had to have used various forms of public transport or had a 30 minute drive to work in the past 14 days. This gave a robust sample of a group that represents 28% of the population.

The research found that this audience make up a significant proportion of all newsbrand audiences (approximately one in three). It is a young audience that are 20% more likely to be educated to a degree level. They have a larger social network, have more face-to-face conversations and have more brand and product related conversations per day than average.

The following slides are a summary of the findings into the Mobile Influencer audience…

Be smart about smartphones 145

Be smart about smartphones

Five principles for engaging the mobile newsbrand audience

Newsbrands and mobile

Newsbrands and mobile phones

The latest facts and figures on smartphones


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