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Mondelēz - Oreo Eclipse

With a mission to drive trial and make Oreo a more iconic brand in the hearts and minds of Brits, PHD used the first solar eclipse in the UK for 16 years as an opportunity to connect with a moment of cultural significance.

By adopting a three-stage approach - eclipsing The Sun newspaper with a translucent cover wrap bearing a giant Oreo; a real-time OOH Oreo Eclipse; and online and social media activity - this campaign managed to both entertain and engage as well as deliver a level of scale and impact that stimulated sales.

In addition to 2 million printed editions of The Sun's cover wrap, Oreo also took over for the duration of the eclipse, while the footage of the OOH eclipse at each location (from Edinburgh to London) was edited into a 10 second film and distributed through social media within an hour of its completion.

This meticulously planned and original multi-media campaign resulted in #OreoEclipse being seen by 20 million people in one day and coverage travelling across the globe.

Key findings

  • 20 million people saw the #OreoEclipse in one day and news of the campaign was covered by 20 different publications
  • 25% of all newspaper buyers (not just readers of The Sun) remember seeing the Oreo cover on 20 March 2015
  • 76% of Sun readers spontaneously recalled Oreo in post campaign research
  • Readers of The Sun were 17% more likely to buy Oreos as a result of the activity

Newsbrands were central to this campaign, combining humour, innovation and impact. The idea brought to life a unique moment that utilised the strengths of each media to deliver great results.

James Eadie, brand and comms director, Samsung

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