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Channel 4 - Alternative Election Night

With the aim of driving viewers in just one day, Channel 4's multi-platform campaign used high-impact, contextually placed ads to dominate election editorial.

The General Election is an event that brings together the entire nation. For days, weeks and months, media coverage is dominated by the election and election night is always a special event. To make the 2015 election the most memorable for Brits, Channel 4 had an ambitious plan: host an event that would give people across the UK a fun and unique experience.

The objective was simple: get people to tune in to Channel 4's Alternative Election night, but with so many distractions how would Channel 4 stand out?

Newsbrands were central to the task, having just one day, 7 May, to drive viewers. The combination of print and digital executions delivered the audience in a relevant and targeted environment, while contextually placing ads within election editorial emphasised Channel 4's news credentials.

With all of the objectives met, the campaign turned Channel 4 into the real winners on election day.

Key findings

  • Channel 4's Election Night reached 6.8 million viewers
  • 67% of all viewing was by ABC1 adults and most viewing was by those ages between 16-54 year olds (76%)
  • Beat ITV's viewing figures by 25% (BBC source)

This campaign delivered an audience for the C4 programme, which could only be done by newsbrands. The election is a unique event, with every news channel in every media competing to attract an audience. The fact that they boldly did it on one day, the day of the election, within the mainstream news agenda, stood out for me. The resulting viewing figures for a completely new format speak for themselves.

Jan Gooding, group brand director, Aviva

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