Multi-platform research

Insight and analysis into the roles of multi-platform newsbrands in delivering effective advertising.

Tesco Mobile – 4G at no extra cost

How Tesco Mobile took a flexible approach to planning to ensure its campaign appeared alongside relevant editorial about the new iPhone 6.

Tesco Mobile's 4G offering is a compelling alternative to the big players (EE, Vodafone, O2), with intrinsic benefits for potential new customers. The launch of the iPhone 6 provided the perfect opportunity to make print work harder and drive sign-ups.

Based on insights derived from research, the challenge was to position the campaign alongside relevant and newsworthy content in order to increase efficiencies beyond current benchmarks.

Publishers had a task to be flexible and deliver a campaign based on the above parameters, but the result was a substantially increased print performance, with a platform for on-going campaigns and a newly-created way of working with print partners.

Key findings:

  • 100% of ads placed on the day appeared alongside iPhone-specific content
  • Print response rate was improved by 60%, while cost per response was improved by 30%
  • The agency, Initiative, says the campaign created a new way of working, which will inform future briefs of this nature

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