Sir Martin Sorrell on newspapers’ value to advertisers

In a Sunday Telegraph piece headlined 'Newspapers remain tried and trusted amid the social media revolution', the CEO of WPP puts forwards a strong case for newspapers' commercial and social value.

In a world where "advertisers and their agencies have raised concerns about vulnerabilities in the digital media supply chain", newsbrands are "positioning themselves as trustworthy sources amidst a sea of digital misinformation, and as responsible gatekeepers for advertisers", writes Sir Martin Sorrell.

In a longer version of the piece on Linkedin, Sorrell explained that "perceived and real flaws in the digital media ecosystem are a potential source of competitive advantage to newspapers – in both their print and digital forms".

He continues: "As Google, Facebook, Twitter and others face accusations of giving a platform to hatred and fake news, and even of swinging elections, distrust in information shared on social media ought to increase public appetite for more traditional, reliable news providers."

Citing Newsworks' effectiveness research – "revealing that newspapers can increase the overall effectiveness of an ad campaign by 300 per cent" – Sorrell also references global studies showing that people are more engaged when reading a newspaper than they are when using social media. This is "an important consideration for advertisers seeking consumers' attention – and access to their wallets", according to Sorrell.

The ad man goes on to describes newspapers as "an essential component of public life, with a value that goes far beyond the commercial". As he put it: "Few chief executives – even those who have been on the wrong end of a headline from time to time – would argue with that".

Read the article here. You can find out more about Newsworks’ effectiveness research here.

by Jessie Sampson 17/03/17

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