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The Mirror goes apocalyptic for the launch of new Sky 1 show

With activity including a meteorite crashing into the newspaper's masthead, apocalypse themed horoscopes and empty TV listings (due to the end of the world), the activity marks the start of Sky 1's new show 'You, Me and The Apocalypse'.

In a media first, the Mirror's TV listings in the paper (30 September) were wiped out from 9pm onwards, with a message stating "If the world ends tonight, so do the TV listings".

Other activity in the newspaper included a meteorite replacing the 'o' in Mirror, while the regular horoscopes were replaced by apocalypse themed stars, as if the end of the world was imminent.

The print activity was complemented by digital creative which included the Mirror's website being hit by interference caused by incoming meteorites. This included a mock-eighties style computer code error, which rebooted to reveal a trailer for the show (see video below).

The events activation team at Trinity Mirror Solutions also took the campaign to MediaCom by hosting an apocalyptic takeover of the reception where staff could pose with their own 'Final Edition' front page.  

Mark Field, director of invention at Trinity Mirror Solutions, said: "We had a lot of fun with this brief. An 'end of the world' theme gave us a lot of scope creatively and we also knew that our audience Modal Britain sees good TV as a social currency, something they need to know and talk about. It was important to create real talkability around the show.

"As a result we've done several things for the first time ever – the TV listings and horoscope will leave readers scratching their heads and eager to find out more about the show. By combining native content with ad space and some cracking original design work that resonates with our audience, we've been able to provide a truly bespoke, disruptive solution for Sky 1."

Source: Trinity Mirror Solutions

by Jessie Sampson 01/10/15

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