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News UK exposes domain-spoofing in recent test

Marketers are wasting as much as £700,000 on domain-spoofed inventory per month, estimates News UK following a programmatic black-out test. 

By shutting down all programmatic advertising on its sites, making it impossible to buy programmatic inventory on The Sun, The Times or News UK's Dream Team, the publisher could isolate fraudulent inventory that was still being offered.

During the test, conducted on the 4 December between 3am and 5am, 2.9 million bids per hour were made on fake inventory that was falsely appearing to be that of The Sun and The Times.

Discussing the results, News UK's digital commercial director Ben Walmsley said: "We wanted to expose where brands are being tricked into thinking they’re buying quality inventory, bidding on what they think is a premium site when it isn't."

Highlighting the need for collaboration, he added: "We believe the responsibility for cleaning up the supply chain lies with publishers, brands, agencies, industry bodies and technology intermediaries. Working together, improving communication between all of these groups and taking steps such as this to root out criminality will create a better digital marketplace for advertisers, who should be confident that they are getting the advertising inventory that they are paying for."

News UK focused on inventory bought via its six biggest SSP suppliers for the test. The 2.9 million impressions were found across two specific SSPs, though one had significantly higher fraudulent inventory within in, according to the publisher. Most fraudulent inventory was display, although there was also evidence of spoofed video inventory.

Source: Digiday


by Liz Jaques 10/01/18

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