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Guardian partners with Three for new sharing apps

The Guardian has partnered with mobile network service provider Three and Mindshare to launch two new web apps as part of a six-month campaign in a bid to celebrate the idea of sharing on the internet.

The two apps are:

  • Today's top internetting - this app tracks the internet memes that are going viral on the web right now. The interactive display tracks content on Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, YouTube and Reddit. Instagram content will also be available on the app soon. It also features classics from the past. 
  • News tracker - this app tracks the most viral news stories on, as well as other UK-based news sites. Readers have the chance to view and share the fastest-spreading news at the moment, as well as the stories that were popular over the last hour, the last three hours and the last 24 hours. 

There will also be weekly columns to look out for in G2, looking at the internet's greatest hits (i.e. memes and virals from years gone by), while another series of online columns will look at what's gone viral in the past week - and why.

You can view the apps here: Today's top internetting and News tracker


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