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ESI Media's 'Evening Catch' research shows value of evening commuters

Advertising to evening commuters has never been more likely to prompt immediate action, finds ESI Media.

There has been shift in footfall on the high street to weekday evenings from weekday daytimes, according to retail analysts Springboard, while eCommerce and mCommerce are booming. Commuter Commerce (the act of purchasing via mCommerce during a commute) is projected to make up one in five eCommerce pounds and be worth £17 billion by 2019. Against this backdrop, ESI Media set about exploring the market. Here are some of the key findings:

- On the commute home people are less likely to be thinking about work than they are during the morning commute. In fact 66% of evening commuters think about weekend plans (33% of morning commuters do); 54% think about holidays (35% of morning commuters do); 40% think about personal finance (29% of morning commuters do)

- People are 2.5 times more likely to think about cooking on the evening commute than on the morning commute. Similarly, they are three times more likely to think about clothes shopping and six time more likely to think about alcohol

- 80% of commuters feel positive during the evening commute – making people suggestible to purchases (many make spontaneous purchases and are less price sensitive midweek)

- Evening Standard readers spend £2.2 billion per annum in big supermarkets, just while travelling home

- 10% of UK commuters have booked travel tickets on the journey home, compared to 17% of readers of ESI titles

- One in 10 have bought cinema tickets on the commute home, compared to 16% of readers of ESI titles

- One in four ESI reading commuters have bought a takeaway on their evening commute – meaning they are over 50% more likely to do so than the average British consumer

- Commuters are more likely to research clothes and fashion at home after a commute than they are at the weekend. The same is true of restaurants

Watch the film and find out more here:

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by Jessie Sampson 17/05/17

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